LIVE NOW Design like crazy LIVE [Dates: Jaunary 17th - 20th @ 8:00 PM cairo time]

Attention: Are You Ready To Know How to design interiors in easy 8 steps???

"Give Us Just 60 Minutes A Day

And Over The Next 4 Days I’ll Show You How To Quickly Design Any Interiors
And Turn your Client needs To Reality"

(This Can Work Even If You Currently Have No Design Skills, Don't Have A Dgree , Or Have No Idea What interior Design Is Yet...!) 

'Your Design like crazy LIVE Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step'

How To “Bootstrap” Your Idea And Launch It Into REAL interior Design with feeling And Emotions 
...And Begin To Generate Clients to you  

Here’s What You’ll Learn Each Day Of The
4-Day ‘Design like Crazy' LIVE!

    DAY 1 
      THE Strategy :

We’re not wasting any time! We kick off the 'DESIGN LIKE CRAZY LIVE' by unveiling the different ways to design interiors and helping you see HOW this will work for you & what is the main mindset you have to be perfect interior Designer  

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • DESIGN LIKE CRAZY System : How We Systmize the interior process 
  • how to think as interior designer : the power of design thinking & how to implement that 
  • your Why : why we need designers in our life.

 DAY 2 

On day two, we’ll show you How to start apply  EVERYTHING  the first 3 Steps in our system , regardless of what Experiance you have we will apply the system to achive good interior design 

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • The perfect start in any design without having hassle in the start  
  • what is the main design Fundamentals that makes you read designs in right way 
  • Design styles  : which make you know more about design history & how to put feeling in spaces 

 DAY 3 

On this Day we will surprise you with deep content that will help you understand how to work with specific elements in interior design & what will happen when you Apply that .

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • How to deal With colors  without any confusion of types of color boards 
  • LIGHTING design Fundamentals that makes you KNOW how to layer light for feelings 
  • TEXTURES & HOW WE MIX IT: which make you know more about Different materials & the varieties of that in market 

    DAY 4 
     Nail it & Scale

This is the final day ..........
 we will go deeply into the design process & Accessories, and also we will talk about the ways of Visual communication and how we apply that in our design
then we will talk about interior design Bussines & interior Design marketing & how to convince your clients to work with you.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • what is the design methodology & design process
  • The main concepts to deal with accessoriesn
  • The ways of visual communication 
  • ​how to market your work 

What Are You Waiting For?!

" This Is Literally The BEST Time To change your idea about default market interior design &  start thinking As an EXPERT "

Before The EVENT

Overwhelmed with feelings of uncertainty

Questioning if your Design skills is even “good enough”

Feeling stuck in Design career

After The EVENT

Achieve a crystal clear direction for you and your business

Feel confident you are making the right moves

Gain the drive and motivation to Start interior design business 

Have a step-by-step action plan

Ready To KNOW  ALL About interior design field  In Just 4 Days

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