Interior Design Is the System & you Can Apply it !

Design Like Crazy System is proven System takes you step by Step to master How to work with design in an easy way & get incridable results 

Hi, I'm Abdelrhman Abo gazea

I am an architect & interior designer , i Started my Design career 9 years ago after my graduation
I worked also in traning carrer for the Architectuer programs because iam passionate about helping people learn new things & I Mastered that through alot of traning course I worked in alot of interior Companies & I have very big experiance in this field the i opened my own company A&S For Design & build So I experianced How i Work in this field Aftter that Many of my students asked me to create Interior design course Then I crreate 
this system will take you Step by Step through interior path  



Plan the layout of space. Discover how to apply the design principles and design concept to your spatial planning. 

fundamentals of interior design 

 learn the basic rules of any design & how you can read & edit any particular interior design through the element & principles of design.

 Interior Design

Learn about the different design styles and their visual language. The characteristics, concepts, and philosophies to create spaces with a strong visual language.


You will learn the power of using colors, color psychology, and how to use it to evoke different moods and alter perceptions. 


Understand how to design a lighting plan in layers depending on the type of space and lighting fixtures you can use depending on the needs and situation.

 Furniture, Art, and Accessories

Introduce decorative elements into space, following the design principles learned.

 Interior Finishes 

 Learn how to work with real clients and the process that brings a design to real life.

Design Process 

Discover the methodology and design process step by step from the conceptual idea to the finished result.

Visual Communication

Tools, presentation ideas, traditional software, and modern applications that designers usually use to make Mood boards, 3d rendering, sample boards, and presentations.

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